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Q: Here's what I'm wondering. I live in a state that utilizes a state - designed assessment and standardized person - centered plan format. Can our organization us the “My Plan to Flourish” for our clients?

A: Thanks for sharing your question. It is certainly possible to use My Plan to Flourish with the people you serve and support, but it may not satisfy your state regulations. Many provider organizations are beginning to implement an alternative personcentered format because many people being served simply do not like or want to use the prescribed content and regulatory approach used by the state. In essence, providers are maintaining a compliance document to satisfy regulatory requirements and a second plan which is more satisfying and useful to the people served, their families, and staff. Think of it as a voluntary quality improvement practice.

Q: First, we find the book very helpful. In using the "My Plan to Flourish" model, we really like the "Goals Recommended by Others" section. What I'm wondering is, does the source of the recommendation need to be identified?

A: We appreciate your question as we have a lot of interest in “recommendations by others” as they are often included in the plan without “source attribution.” The first consideration should always be the input or desire of the person for whom the plan is being developed. Generally speaking, such responses as “my doctor,” “friends,” or “my family” are acceptable designations. Also, remember that this is a goal area that does not need to be utilized if not relevant to the person.

Q: Hi, I'm very interested in the "My Plan to Flourish" app. How soon can we get it? Looks like it could help reduce a lot of paperwork.

A: Thanks for asking. You know we’ve been working on that app for a couple of years and it is right now in final “real world” beta testing. You’ve heard that old saying, “ship no app before it’s time” right? Neither have we. We made that up but it is an operating principle of ours. Paper? We can almost guarantee that using the My Plan to Flourish App will reduce quite a bit of paperwork! How soon? The My Plan to Flourish App will be available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and the Amazon App Store in the fall of 2021. Other features, such as dashboards for Developmental Disabilities Professionals and organization leaders are in the process of development.  We have your email with your question submission so will let you know when it is ready. 

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